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3 Keys to Assess Sales Strategy Effectiveness

By Eric Dudley

When missing company sales goals, sales leaders must assess what’s not working or changed. Sales leaders may ask, “Is my sales team following our sales map process? Are our processes aligned with our B2B sales strategy? And is our B2B sales strategy effective at winning new business?”

To ensure you are set up for success, B2B sales leaders must analyze sales data, processes and sales strategies to identify root causes. While there are several ways to address underperforming sales performance, here’s 3 key steps to consider:

Step 1: Assess Your B2B Sales Strategy Alignment with Marketing

The success of an organization’s outbound marketing efforts relies on effective targeting of the right buyer with the right message at the right time. When a B2B sales strategy embraces marketing’s contribution by nurturing prospects throughout, customers experience a more seamless buyer journey.

So, step one in evaluating sales strategy effectiveness is assessing sales and marketing alignment. One way to assess this alignment between marketing and sales is to understand the buyer journey touchpoints and the messages that your customers engages with as they move through the buyer stages of the journey. Your B2B sales strategies should strive for a seamless customer experience that drives forward buyer journey movement.

Step 2: Track B2B Sales Strategy Customer Insights

Gathering the sentiment of your customer as they go through the buyer journey is essential to understanding customer insight. It is essential to track touchpoints along the buyer journey to glean valuable customer insights that can equip sales with the right message. This positions your sales team to reach out with a timely touchpoint to influence buyer behavior. Knowing that the right message is initiated at the right time can validate your sales strategy is effectively wooing prospects into customers.

For example, when a customer abandons a shopping cart in an eCommerce experience, their sales manager has the perfect opportunity to follow up and determine what assistance the customer may need to complete the order.

Step 3: Analyze Customer Data to Improve Sales Strategies

Analyzing customer insights to track when and how a customer interacts with your company is key to determining whether your B2B sales strategies are working. Through a cross-channel analysis, assessing both marketing and sales combined efforts, and analyzing the voice of the customer (VOC) and purchase data, B2B sales leaders can determine how effectiveness their sales strategies are aligned with driving the desired outcomes.

We believe constructing and maintaining B2B sales strategies that create a seamless customer experience and adapt to customer needs and purchase behavior is critical.

By assessing the alignment of marketing and sales touchpoints, tracking customer insights that move the buyer forward and analyzing how sales strategies are achieving the sales goals, we believe B2B sales leaders will gain a competitive advantage and be positioned to outperform their competition. To learn more about how Crafted helps B2B sales leaders develop sales strategies and sales enablement programs that consistently achieve growth goals, please contact us today.

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