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4 Reasons to Add LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to Your B2B Lead Generation Strategy

By Aaron Gingras

LinkedIn Sponsored Content and InMail are great ways to drive traffic to your website, improve brand awareness, and generate leads. And with the introduction of Lead Gen Forms last year, the platform is a better lead generation tool than ever before.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are designed to increase mobile conversion rates by allowing form fills to occur directly within the LinkedIn platform, rather than driving leads to a separate landing page to convert. With 80% of user engagement with LinkedIn Sponsored content happening on mobile, this new functionality improves user experience and conversions by reducing the number of steps to convert a lead.

Let’s take a deep dive look at how LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms can help benefit your company’s lead generation strategy.

What Are LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms?

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are available for Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail Campaigns. They add a call-to-action (CTA) to your sponsored content ads, asking users to sign-up, download an eBook, register for a webinar, or anything else you want your CTA to be. Here’s how they work:

  1. When users click on the CTA in your Sponsored Content or InMail ad, they’re taken to a form inside the LinkedIn App.
  2. LinkedIn automatically populates the form fields with the user’s details from their profile/account. All the user has to do is confirm their email address and hit the submit button (one downside to note with this prefill functionality, from a B2B perspective, however, is many people use their personal email addresses on their LinkedIn profile).
  3. After submitting the form, they will see a thank you/confirmation page within the LinkedIn app that will include a link to your content or website.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are optional and can be added to your Sponsored Content campaigns at no additional cost.

4 Reasons Why LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Are a Great Fit for Your B2B Lead Generation Strategy

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are a great feature to add to your lead generation strategy because they:

1. Change the Game of the Form Submission Process

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms greatly improve the experience for mobile users because they can convert in just two clicks. The fact that a user doesn’t have to spend a large amount of time filling out all the lines of a form on a mobile device is groundbreaking and a must-have for any organization’s lead generation strategy.

2. Eliminate Needless Steps

The pre-fill functionality of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms shows you can ask for more information from people without killing conversion rates; people are willing to share relevant information, as long as (and especially on mobile) they don't have to fill out a lengthy form. It comes down to how the form completion experience is designed and implemented. By pre-populating form fields from the user’s LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn Lead Gen forms allow you to collect more data without hurting conversions.

3. Create New Conversion Avenues

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get two conversions for the price of one, from one form submission? Usually when users hit a submit button on a form they are greeted with a confirmation page or thank you message, but with Lead Gen forms you can drive users to your website or to view a piece of targeted content. This gives you the unique opportunity to target the same lead with another offer, try and get a blog sign-up, additional content downloads, or a request for more information about your products or services.

4. Integrate With Third Party Applications & Tools

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms integrate with a wide variety of third-party marketing programs such as Zapier, Marketo and Salesforce, allowing you to collect data from LinkedIn and automate your lead-nurturing process, simplifying your lead generation strategy in the process.

To learn more about what tools and platforms can help you build a successful lead generation strategy, click here.

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