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Amateur vs. Pro: When To Up Your Video Content Quality

By Rob Hawse

Let’s face it, everyone is carrying a device with a camera. Be it a phone or tablet. These devices come shipped with an array of video and image capturing applications chock full of editing tools, filters, and color correcting techniques. Not to mention the hundreds of 3rd party applications ready to download on demand. We all have at least one social media account in which we routinely capture images or video and post for the world to see.

When considering to use video in a marketing mix, it’s not uncommon for companies within the manufacturing industry to simply pull out their smartphones, and start filming away thinking they’ve just captured what’s sure to be a compelling deal closing video demonstrating a product in action.

However, what may be fun and suited perfectly for personal use, may not be the best method when capturing content to be consumed by clients and potential customers.

Upping the standards from amateur to a professional videographer can make a huge impact when trying to make a first impression from a marketing standpoint.

Don’t get me wrong, handheld captures from a phone or device do have a time and place. They can be quite handy when it comes to spur-of-the-moment events like a work gathering such as a birthday or company outing. If an executive within the organization is giving a speech at an event, by all means capture the highlights. Even better, that spontaneous moment when a new process or technology was discovered in a lab or a whiteboard brainstorming session. Timing here is the key. If there is trending topic in social media or the news that can be leveraged with your brand as a delivery context, capture the moment and carefully use hash tags, keywords, and social media handles to put your brand or message into the throws of a hot industry topic. In these moments, it’s ok the lighting is not the best and there is no script or the camera is a bit wobbly. Otherwise it would not feel in the moment and timely to a particular topic. Internal interviews breaking down the content of a white paper, or highlighting the key content areas it addresses can be a shot as a series and used to populate various distribution channels. With some consideration for lighting and backdrop, these are attainable videos that can be created without expense a professional videographer.

On the contrary, when it comes to a product demo, new ad campaign, factory walkthrough, or any key brand message being delivered to a wide audience, quality is of the essence. When considering creating a piece of content for your brand through image or video, think of it no different when developing a corporate brochure or website. Enlist a design or communications agency or consultant to help guide the way if the expertise is not available in-house. Don’t just wing it. Careful planning is required and key questions must be answered. What is the goal? What is the core message to be delivered? Why will the customer care? What action should be prompted by viewing the content?

Digital marketing mediums such as video are increasingly becoming crucial to reaching audiences and gaining the trust of a new customer.

Year on year video is becoming a go-to marketing medium and manufacturers are upping their game when it comes to production quality. So, answering the above questions becomes crucial in deciding when to use a professional services agency. Hiring an outside resource to help plan, organize, and execute a piece of video content will ensure the quality required to make a positive impression comes through. Sending the right message via video at the right time and of the highest quality can influence positive brand affinity and keep audiences coming back for more.

Customers and clients will not want consume a low quality, undesirable, and off message branded content. It simply creates a negative impression and they are less likely to engage with your brand thereafter. When creating a new product or service for customers, ample time and energy must be invested in understanding how to produce a quality offering. Applying the same process when creating unique video content for your brand will help crystallize the decision when to shoot amateur, and when to use professional services.

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