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The Difference Between Conversion And SEO Focused Landing Pages

By Jacob Robinson

As you build and implement marketing campaigns for your organization, a conversation about landing pages has certainly come up. Depending on whether you are talking to a Graphic Designer, a CEO, or Marketing Director you’ll hear different opinions about what a landing page is, but more importantly how and when they should be used.

Our goal here is to explore the types of landing pages and when they should be used.

The Definition of a Landing Page

In its purest sense, a landing page is a web page that a visitor can “land” on.

Most controversy and confusion involving landing pages revolves around their design or use. We’ll explore some of these considerations here.

Campaign Goal Determines Landing Page Use

The type of landing page you use depends entirely on the campaign you’re running and the goal of that campaign. This is where the two types of landing pages, “SEO Focused” and “Conversion Focused”, come into play.

Although their names imply a lot, let’s put some loose constraints on them.

  • Conversion Focused – a conversion focused landing page has one goal – to convert a visitor through specific/targeted messaging and CTA.
  • SEO Focused – an SEO focused landing page focuses on driving awareness and traffic to itself through ranking within search. Messaging on an SEO focused landing page is more general and informational.

To be clear, both types of landing pages should attempt to convert visitors.

Conversion Focused Landing Pages

As previously stated, the primary goal of a conversion focused landing page is to convert. A conversion focused landing page has the following qualities:

  • Traffic Sources – traffic to a conversion focused landing page can come from sources including AdWords, email, social media, and even your website. Traffic could come from search, but remember, this is not the goal of the landing page.
  • Focused Messaging – the messaging should be targeted to the specific audience that is landing on the page and should match the referring source of traffic (AKA: “message match”).
  • Specific CTA – the CTA on your conversion focused landing page should be very specific to the messaging that sent them to the page in the first place. Ex. “Download Metal Cutting Tips eBook Now”.
  • Zero Links – Any distractions from the CTA (conversion) should be eliminated to increase conversion rate. This includes navigation.
  • Key KPI – Rightfully so, conversion rate is how you should measure the success of your conversion focused landing page.

SEO Focused Landing Pages

SEO focused landing pages are devoted to providing general information that supports the landing page’s ranking within SERPs. Their primary goal is traffic and exposure. SEO focused landing pages should still be concerned with conversion rate.

  • Traffic Sources – traffic to an SEO focused landing page should be coming through search and this fact should influence all parts of your landing page structure.
  • General Messaging – to achieve SEO success, the page should be keyword and content rich. Because of this, SEO focused landing pages tend to be more general.
  • Compelling CTA – the CTA of your SEO focused landing page should still be compelling and relevant to the content around it.
  • Key KPI – with SEO focused landing pages, we are very concerned with bounce rate and, subsequently, click-through-rate. Bounce rate is a factor in your landing page’s SEO. Keeping the bounce rate low and CTR high will help your SEO efforts.

Start Using Landing Pages Today!

When building marketing campaigns for your company, the question you shouldn’t be asking is “should I be using landing pages?”. That answer is “Yes”.

You should be asking “what are my goals?” and “what type of landing page will help me achieve that goal?”.

Understanding the key differences between the types of landing pages will lead to marketing success through increased lead generation and awareness of your business!

Start using landing pages today!

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