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The Reasons I Joined The Crafted Team

By Kayleigh Teachey

These Are Our Clients

The company is at least 50-60 years old. Its history often involves a family, and more often a few generations. They steep their product in quality with an attention to detail. Their service is a sense of pride. Craftsmanship is not a buzzword, but their heritage. These are our clients.

I’m a Designer Through and Through

A little over a month ago, I started as Creative Director for Crafted. For the last five years, I have been living in Seattle and working for the likes of Boeing, Eddie Bauer, and Microsoft at large agencies.

Before that, I ran a design firm here in Charlotte.

I am a designer through and through. I have worked with brands both big and small—from an aviation leader to a local law firm. I have created these brands alongside the minds that brought them into existence. And I have had the privilege to steward brands into new territories, programs and campaigns.

At every point along these continuums is the opportunity to tell a story and that is what I love the most—bringing to life a brand through design, images, and words.

The Industry is Ready

It’s this passion that brings me to Crafted.

I believe the manufacturing industry is positioned for this very work.

The marketplace is full of manufacturers that have beautiful stories to tell, and it’s that very work that I am excited to be a part of.

The global economy and the digital age have forced these companies to rethink their sales and marketing strategies. A brand strategy is necessary for solidifying market share and differentiating their space in the marketplace. Content strategies are important and unlike other industries, these companies are full of subject matter experts.

A digital presence is not only table stakes, but fundamental to your marketing efforts on- and off-line. Alignment across channels and departments is key to success. And, how you communicate all of this and more is essential to the effectiveness of your investment.

You can no longer rest on your laurels—your competition certainly isn’t. Amazon, Apple, and Uber or any other disrupter has changed the game and created an appetite for design, brand, and quality.

So, now more than ever, the need for presenting your brand, your story, is necessary. And the potential customer is hungry for it. They are looking for it. And your existing customer—they want to trust that they are part of the best story.

The Agency is Right

Crafted is doing this very work.

We build brands. We tell these stories. We take these stories that have been told before, passed down from generation to generation.

We take the stories that are told on the shop floor and in the atriums of hotel lobbies over a pint or breakfast, and we document them at a point in time. We provide structure and form to the story. We provide a common way to communicate the brand. We bring alignment to the ‘storytellers,’ if you will and establish a foundation for the brand to thrive in the twenty-first century.

And Crafted’s been doing it well for 20 years.

Let’s Get to Work

So what? Well, I want to work with you.

You, as a manufacturer have a unique business in a unique industry. Opportunity truly abounds.

And, positioning yourself with an agency that is an expert in your space is going to open doors and transform your organization. I joined Crafted to be a part of that.

What’s holding you back?

Let’s get started!

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