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What is Demand Generation?

By Aaron Gingras

Demand generation is the alignment of targeted marketing programs that drive awareness and interest in a company's product and/or service for the purpose of generating qualified leads resulting in customer acquisition and revenue growth.

Success Demands Personalization

Customers are people, too. Even though B2B businesses cast acquisition nets for organizations versus individuals, appealing to the person who represents your ideal client is becoming more essential for quality demand generation. Marketers and executives alike are shifting further towards customer obsession, a movement that heightens standards for B2B service, satisfaction, troubleshooting and post-purchase support. Traditional lead generation tactics do not drive new customer revenue nearly as much as Demand Generation. Digital marketing strategies that cater to a prospect’s needs throughout the buying cycle drives higher quality leads to sales representatives at an increased rate.

Demand Generation & Sales Enablement: A Digital Marriage

Sales enablement provides company sales representatives with the capabilities needed to deliver a personalized, customer-obsessed experience during every stage of the customer journey. Next-generation digital marketing evolves with a refined hybrid approach that concerns both sales and marketing teams, as well as an increased focus on the value of client data. The marriage of demand generation and sales enablement has become comparable to the double helix structure of DNA: one strand requires the other to thrive in the Age of the Customer.

To deploy a sustainable sales enablement strategy, executives need to unify sales and marketing members, viewing them as one entity. Tapping into customer research offerings provide a sophisticated aerial view of your customers’ expectations, attitudes and behaviors, illustrating what kind of marketing campaigns are reaching interested prospects.

Other sales enablement strategies that revolutionize lead generation include:

  • Sales representative onboarding & training efficiency
  • Managing the amount of time a sales employee actually spends selling your services and/or products
  • Continuing education for sales teams on new product releases, brand messaging, etc.
  • Investing in quality marketing platforms and services that yield customer behavior and insights
  • Examining how cycle acceleration in marketing automation tools and sales turnaround times can be improved
  • Delivering content in a quality-focused way that bridges customer barriers at the right time via the right medium1

Remember: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Transitioning your organization structure to better unify marketing and sales is no easy task. While research shows increased acquisition and revenue when these traditionally divided departments have merged, the digital marketing industry acknowledges the need for B2B companies to move at a pace that fit their size, niche and mission. At Crafted, we help facilitate this shift from a research-driven standpoint. Our team assesses marketing maturity so CEO’s, CMO’s and other professionals gain insight as to where sales and marketing efforts are, and where they need to improve.

To learn more about new demand generation methodologies, lead generation best practices and sales enablement potential, or to identify how our expertise can help your organization, contact us for more information.

1 American City Business Journals (source for bulleted list)

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