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Changing The Way Your Leaders Market Manufacturing

By Rob Hawse

Leaders of manufacturing companies are always hoping to engage the right marketing talent, a true marketing leader who will help them move their business forward with increased awareness, more high quality leads, and increased market share.

If you’re a marketer who answered this call and landed in the manufacturing industry, you likely found the possibilities truly exciting and accepted the mission with enthusiasm.

The trouble started when you realized your manufacturing organization was way behind the curve when it comes to today’s approach to marketing and the leadership team doesn’t even realize it! You were then faced with the daunting task of trying to communicate to leadership that big change is required if they are to succeed long term in today’s new marketing landscape.

Big change such as: a new website strategy tailored to the needs of the manufacturing industry; the need for subject matter experts to create content for that site consistently; and continuous, intelligent, search engine optimization (SEO). And, as we’re all too aware, these messages are not always very well received.

Even more frustrating, once informed of the need for big change, maybe leadership stalls by engaging in lengthy debates about marketing strategy in lieu of actual movement. In the interim, time passes quickly and you see opportunity after opportunity fly by that you can’t capitalize on, knowing full well if nothing is done , a drop in market share is soon to follow. And on your watch!

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The key to success is to meet leadership’s objections with a high level of understanding of where they are coming from and then do your best to educate them on what’s required and why.

When you take the time to achieve this alignment with leadership, most of the time, they become willing to listen. And if you’re really skillful, they will also be able to hear what you are saying and empower you to act.

This paper is designed to increase your ability to do just that. In its pages you will find:

  1. Three common stories we hear leadership tell about marketing that prevents them (and you) from moving forward and some ways you can help them evolve that story.
  2. Three mindsets you might be dealing with and a snapshot of a model of change that can help you see things from leaderships’ point of view so you can communicate with them more effectively.
  3. Seven common myths leadership buys into and what you can say that can change their minds.

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