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At Crafted, we help our manufacturing clients succeed by leveraging what makes them unique. In order to do that, we need to be pretty unique ourselves, not to mention smart, strategic, creative and unafraid to take a few risks to deliver the results our clients demand. We work hard. We have fun. We make great use of our fancy espresso machine, and we make a real difference for our clients — all in a good day’s work.

If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, please get in touch. We’re always excited to talk to someone with something special to offer our team.

We are always looking for talent.

Our work transforms manufacturing businesses impacting our everyday lives. Want to join us?

Senior Copywriter

The Senior Copywriter plays a key role in our creative team concepting, writing and developing content to bring our client’s brands to life in an impactful way.

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Art Director

The Art Director plays a key role in our creative team concepting, designing and working together in an effort to create original creative for our B2B customers.

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Demand Generation Director

The Demand Generation Director is a leadership role on our professional services team that leads our client demand generation engagements from strategy through program activation.

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Sr. Digital Marketing Manager

The Sr. Digital Marketing Manager plays a key leadership role on our professional services team supporting digital strategy and activating digital marketing initiatives.

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Brand & Demand Generation Strategist - Director

The Strategist leader role is a director level on our professional services team that plays an essential role in leading our client engagements to position and capitalize on brand and demand generation with a CX lens.

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Paid Media Specialist

This role will drive digital marketing initiatives for Crafted clients and requires a breadth of knowledge and proven experience within the paid media channels, including Paid Search, Paid S [...]

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Digital Content Marketing Manager

The Digital Content Marketing Manager plays an important role in leading our Content Marketing practice area. This role oversees all content marketing initiatives, both internal and external [...]

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Digital Marketing Specialist

The Digital Marketing Specialist plays a key role on our professional services team developing campaign assets, analyzing performance and optimizing campaigns across digital marketing channels.

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Senior Content Writer

The Senior Content Writer role will deliver high-level concepts across all mediums and author foundational marketing assets along with compelling blogs, articles and advertising messaging.

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Senior Account Manager

The Senior Account Manager plays a key leadership role managing select client engagements, their customer experience and their engagement expectations. The successful candidate has successfully managed mid-market and enterprise client relationships for both brand and demand generation marketing programs and projects.

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Don’t see your role? We’re always happy to connect with talented people.

So, introduce yourself and let’s stay in touch.

We live our values.

We Value the Process

We create. We tinker. We refine. We collaborate. And we take calculated risks in the name of continuous improvement. In other words, we’re not so different from the people we serve.

We Value the Bond

Personal relationships matter. Trust matters. And with honesty and accountability, there’s no limit to what we can create together.

We Value Impact

There is purpose in everything we do. From the strategy we use to drive engagement to the creative that brings ideas to life, everything we do leads to results.

We Value Pattern Matching

We have a deep understanding of the industry, the journey and what needs to be done. Because we’re invested. Each and every single day. So we’re not learning on your dime.

We Value the Well-Crafted

We respect the unique, the authentic, the well-made and the well-done. The innovations that revolutionize entire industries, the ones that touch our everyday lives and those that are essential but go unnoticed. And we respect the expertise it takes to do it.

Crafted is hiring a Sr. Digital Marketing Manager. Join our team!

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