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Client: Okuma America

We're Crafted: A Brand-Powered B2B Demand Generation Agency for Manufacturers.

At Crafted, we unleash the greatness that betters our everyday lives. We bring manufacturers’ innovations to life through brand experience and use that to drive a customer-centric demand generation program that moves customers through their buyer journey. Our partnership with you will help set you apart from your competitors and unleash your greatness, realizing your true potential.

With a deep understanding of your industry and the challenges of the journey, we know what needs to be done, because that's where we live. We partner with clients on this journey to inspire, collaborate and lead.

The Results are Essential

Our work is about the brand experience and digital touchpoints that resonate with the customer and drive demand for a lifetime. From the strategy we use to drive engagement to the creative that brings ideas to life, everything we do leads to results. Learn More >

Personal relationships matter. Trust matters. And with honesty and accountability, there’s no limit to what we can create together.

Our work moves your prospects into customers, and customers into brand advocates.

A B2B Demand Generation Agency Built for Manufacturers

We’re here to help our manufacturing clients realize and capitalize on the uniqueness of what they do with a brand experience and B2B demand generation program that drive growth. The only way to accomplish that is by rolling up our sleeves and immersing ourselves in their world. Luckily, it’s a place we know quite well.

As a B2B Demand Generation Agency built for Manufacturers, our vision is a world where innovation never goes unnoticed.

Crafted helped uncover our truths and celebrate our differentiation, and was rewarding to our team in many ways.

Nina Snelling

Global Marketing Manager, Dynacast, International

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