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The Challenge

Oerlikon is a world-wide leader in additive manufacturing. Their product technologies, including AM Metal, AM Polymer, AM Ceramics, are used to create solutions in every industry from medical to manufacturing, from agriculture to aerospace. In preparation for the RAPID tradeshow, they asked us to create a pre-show marketing campaign to communicate both their presence at the show and, more importantly, begin a conversation with potential customers. The challenge, how do you convey the possibilities of additive manufacturing?

Services Provided

Red Oerlikon adderion logo overlayed on additive manufacturing advanced materials.
Four Oerlikon 3D products created through additive manufacturing.
Six Oerlikon additive manufactured spheres exploding with advanced materials.
Three Oerlikon additive manufactured structures exploding with blue and purple advanced materials.
Two Oerlikon tradeshow email examples with a headline, Come build with us at RAPID + TCT.

The Result

By showing what imagination looks like. Additive manufacturing has a strong architectural component to the end products. The process allows for stronger products with less weight. By pairing real products with multi-colored abstract pieces of art, we created a concept that embodies both the limitless nature of the products and the tangible reality of results. With this concept, we implemented a marketing campaign utilizing email and digital advertising for both before and after the show. The solution was not only successful in exceeding attendance goals and increasing brand awareness, but became the marketing theme for tradeshow marketing that year.

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