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Coloring Between the Brands

ClientTeknor Apex

The Challenge

When your company is at least 100 years old and it buys another company that’s also at least 100 years old, how do you reconcile the brand equity for the consumer? With respect?

Teknor Apex approached Crafted to design a booth for Fakuma, an international trade show in Germany, that would present these two brands together. In addition, they wanted us to design a space that would support the variety of conversations that would happen at the show. And on top of that it would be a multiligual both needing to work in both German and English.

Services Provided

The Solution

By using color, Crafted created a booth design that respected the newly acquired brand’s equity in the marketplace. This solution gave prominence to the PTS brand, without lessening Teknor Apex’s presence. Graphics were designed with simplicity in mind. Messaging was given room both for translations as well as impact. Lastly, the space was designed to foster conversations at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Lastly, the booth was a way forward for the merging brands (and leadership) to champion together.

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