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We’re here to help you win, plain and simple. That means we can’t just tell people how great your machines, die casting, or chemical compounds are, we have to make them believe it. That requires a combination of strategic thinking, marketing expertise, and creative execution that generates qualified leads.

Making this connection with your future customers starts and ends with your brand: who you are, what you do, how you do it, and most importantly, why.

It's not just telling people what you make, it's showing them what you're made of.

That’s the foundation of your brand, and once it’s established, it should be the point-of-origin for every piece of communication you create. That’s the only way to have sales and marketing channels that align and work together toward the same objective.

When you can put your authentic corporate self out there for prospective customers to see, with a singular brand voice and unified messaging, that’s when connections are made. Prospects buy-in and become customers; customers become willing evangelists and success becomes bigger and more frequent. The way it should be.

Tell Them What You Make

However, as important as it is to establish an authentic brand foundation for your company, that alone won’t drive leads or generate new business. But it will serve as the springboard for the marketing initiatives that will.

Crafted’s marketing solutions are designed to make an impact with your prospective customers—strategically, creatively, and emotionally.

No. 05

Crafted Manifesto

People may talk about things that are made, but they celebrate the crafted.

No. 019

Crafted Manifesto

Embrace automation, but resist homogenization.

No. 08

Crafted Manifesto

Crafted is respect, confidence, and competence made visible.

No. 021

Crafted Manifesto

Your product is tangible evidence of what you believe.

No. 032

Crafted Manifesto

Make things in a way that people can connect with, whether or not they understand why.

No. 047

Crafted Manifesto

Hand work is passed on for generations for a reason. Know why.

No. 056

Crafted Manifesto

Crafted is an attitude. Wear it on your sleeve.

The specific tactics we employ—whether it’s a multi-channel buildup to a trade show exhibit or a new responsive website—will all speak in your brand voice to show the right people what they’re missing, and make them want to do something about it.

You manufacture great products. Using your brand foundation as a launch-point, we’ll utilize a powerful combination of marketing experience and manufacturing industry expertise to make sure your future customers believe it.

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