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A Brand Powered Demand Generation Agency

Demand Generation Agency for B2B Manufacturers

A Brand-Powered B2B Demand Generation Agency for Manufacturers.

When your clients work in manufacturing, like ours do, you can’t fake it. Manufacturing is hard; it’s technical, it’s intricate… and there are product innovations that going unnoticed everyday.

Speaking your language and understanding your priority personas enables us to create messaging that resonates with your customer driving engagement, revenue and growth. We work with B2B manufacturing clients because it’s the only way we can totally immerse ourselves in the manufacturing world. We have a deep understanding of the manufacturing industry, the buyer journey, and what needs to be done.

Demand Generation Services Designed for B2B Manufacturing Companies

Where Innovation Never Goes Unnoticed

At Crafted we unleash your true potential of manufacturing greatness by showcasing what makes you unique through insight-driven marketing strategies, branding, and demand-generation programs that drive measurable results. Because our clients are B2B manufacturing companies and we have decades of demand generation experience, we are able to transform your brand, your customer’s experience and your growth trajectory. Our talented integrated team of multi-disciplined brand and demand generation marketing leaders extract the innovations that often go unnoticed. And your manufacturing innovations are changing the world – which we celebrate and capitalizing on the things that make you different.

Is Crafted Right for You?

B2B marketing leaders evaluating the right demand generation partner often recognize the power of brand strategy integrated into their demand generation programs. With an understanding of the customer experience and target customer personas, Crafted creates a solid foundation to build successful growth initiatives aligned with business objectives and goals.

Aligning marketing and sales, connecting the buyer journey from awareness to revenue and unleashing product innovation impacting our everyday lives is essential.

Capturing customer demand begins with recognizing the buyer journey is not linear. In fact, multiple buyer touch points occur before a sales consultation is often initiated. And even after a sales opportunity is created, marketing touch points can and should support the purchase decision. With connected data and integrated technology platforms, the buyer touch points are linked together to see and quantify marketing contribution to revenue.

At Crafted, we help our clients evolve and mature while bringing to life the very innovations they already have that often go unnoticed.

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