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Celebrating The Present Day Manufacturing Environment

By Rob Hawse

Manufacturing Day is an annual coordinated effort of North American manufacturers to invite the public into their facilities so they can experience the modern manufacturing environment. Technical colleges and other educational institutions that prepare students for manufacturing careers also create events.

The main purpose of the Manufacturing Day is to enable the public to see for themselves what present day manufacturing is like and to spark students’ interest in manufacturing careers.

The money’s good — $77K/year on average, the jobs are very stable, and nearly all workers receive health benefits yet 80 percent of manufacturers say that they cannot find enough skilled technicians.

We called out some of the reasons why this is, in a previous post.

However, it occurs to us that there is another facet that people may be missing, which is how incredibly rewarding it can be to know that you help make an outstanding well-crafted product.

That’s because the well-crafted product is respect, confidence and competence made visible.

It’s beauty, order and caring. It’s an affirmation not only of the company’s attention and values, but also those of the individual whose job it is to guide the process. In fact, the former cannot be expressed without the later.

I’m not saying every manufacturing organization will fit this profile. Or every person will even want to be held to that high of a standard!

But for those looking to be part of a team built with care to care, and are willing to acquire the requisite skills, it’s a rewarding career that offers tremendous potential and possibilities.

Over 1,500 events are taking place all over North America over the next day or two. You can check them out on MfgDay.com. If you see something interesting but can’t make the event, call the contact listed on the event page and express your interest. We’re willing to bet they will find the time to talk to you and show you around.

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