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Facebook Pulling In The Wrong Image? Try Debugging Your URL

By Jacob Robinson

The last step in in your content creation process is most likely promoting your blog post on social media…and probably Facebook! You’re so close to the finish line. But, as you’re uploading your post to Facebook, the unthinkable happens…the wrong thumbnail image is pulled into the post. Many times, this happens when you’ve uploaded multiple iterations of an image to your post or page. This can result in Facebook caching the wrong image and hence pulling the wrong image.

Don’t worry. The solution is simple.

Here’s how to re-scrape your URL using the Facebook Debugger and pull in the correct image into your post:

#1 Visit Facebook’s Sharing Debugger

Facebook developed the Sharing Debugger to allow you to “see the information that is used when your website content is shared on Facebook, Messenger, and other places.”


#2 Enter the URL you Want to Debug

Once you’ve entered the URL in question, simply click “debug” and let Facebook go to work.

#3 Review Debug Results

After submitting your URL through the Sharing Debugger you’ll be able to view any “Warnings That Should Be Fixed”, a preview of the link, and your URL’s Open Graph properties. Everything that’s displayed should reflect the most recent version of your post.

For good measure go back to Facebook and test it out! You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If for some reason the wrong thumbnail image is still being pulled into your post, you may want to consult with your webmaster. Your website may be pulling in incorrect Open Graph properties.

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