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How to Select Your Next B2B Demand Generation Agency

By Eric Dudley

With more than half of B2B marketing leaders viewing demand generation as their biggest challenge, it is critical they select the right demand generation agency partner. Selecting a B2B demand generation agency that develops a winning strategy aligned with your buyer’s journey, growth goals and unique challenges is key to success. These key considerations and 5 questions should determine your next B2B demand generation agency partner.

B2B Demand Generation Agencies Must Preach Sales & Marketing Alignment

One of the primary reasons B2B organizations are challenged with customer acquisition is due to a fundamental misalignment between marketing and sales.

Sales and marketing misalignment costs businesses $1 trillion each year in decreased sales productivity and wasted marketing efforts.

The stakes are high for sales and marketing organizations to align on like-minded initiatives and goals to reach and engage qualified customers across the buyer journey. However, often a trusted partner is needed to create a combined vision and complementary goals across these often severely divided teams. This is where a B2B demand generation agency partner can shape a sales enablement program that integrates with your demand generation and marketing goals to address your organization’s unique challenges.

Thus, finding a B2B demand generation agency that recognizes sales and marketing alignment is fundamental to addressing your demand generation challenges. When evaluating a partner, keep an eye out for their approach to customer experience along the buyer journey and closing the loop from awareness to revenue. These are key indicators that the B2B demand generation agency is focused on the critical facets of building a successful, long-term program supporting the profitability and growth of your sales and marketing organizations.

B2B Demand Generation Agencies Must Embrace the Customer Journey from Awareness to Revenue

B2B businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects through the buyer journey have a 451% increase in qualified leads. These leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.

B2B marketing and sales leaders evaluating a B2B demand generation agency need to seek a partner with customer journey mapping and persona development experience. In order to create personalized touchpoints throughout all phases of the buyer journey, organizations need a B2B demand generation agency partner that understands how B2B buying behaviors has shifted and the personas involved in the buying experience vary by buyer stage. For example, an influencer persona may be very active in the awareness phase, but minimally engaged in the consideration and purchase phase of the buyer journey. This is a critical facet of a sophisticated B2B demand generation program.

With lead nurturing, not all programs are aligned with the buyer journey. B2B demand generation agencies take different approaches, utilize different tools and can construct wildly different strategies.

B2B Demand Generation Agencies Must Have the Right Answers

Perhaps the single most important consideration to evaluating a B2B demand generation agency is their approach to shaping an integrated and holistic marketing and sales strategy aligned with your buyer journey and customer acquisition goals. In other words, they should have a big picture view of partnering with your organization to increase revenue and market share.

Top 5 Questions to Select Your Next B2B Demand Generation Agency

The answers to these 5 questions will enable B2B marketing leaders to confidently assess a partnership with their next B2B demand generation agency:

  1. How would you align sales and marketing to achieve your clients’ goals?
  2. Do you specialize in B2B and have industry-specific experience in which you’ve achieved quantifiable goals? (If yes, please share.)
  3. How would you develop a closed loop model that enables us to measure marketing return on investment?
  4. How do you map personas and a customer journey to a lead nurturing program?
  5. How would you develop a program that embraces our brand promise and Customer Experience (CX) strategy?

Selecting a trusted partner to achieve your professional and organizational goals is critical. To learn how Overground would evaluate a partnership that achieves your growth goals, contact us today.


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