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Demand Generation & Sales Enablement for Dealership Network


The largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer in North America and the leading producer of medium-duty trucks and specialized commercial vehicles identified a disconnect between their existing marketing and sales efforts. This disconnect, causing marketing inefficiencies and missed sales opportunities, was particularly concentrated at the dealership level. The company leverages an extensive dealer network to market and sell their products directly to consumers, but each dealership had varying levels of marketing and sales sophistication.

Today’s buyers do not contact suppliers until 57% of the purchase process is complete. For this truck manufacturer, the focus became optimizing and standardizing the digital customer journey from awareness to post-purchase given that many foundational pre-purchase decisions occur online.

Overground worked with marketing leaders to develop a pilot program for digital marketing support to empower dealerships to continue marketing conversations ultimately leading to new truck sales.


  1. Digital user experiences were inconsistent across the dealer network with each dealer responsible for creating, maintaining and optimizing own website
  2. Standardized best practices for digital marketing were not established for multiple channels including organic search and paid media campaigns
  3. Marketing performance insights were not configured, and visibility into online engagement was often missing entirely
  4. Varying dealer sales experiences existed upon form submission without service agreements in place to regulate sales processes


  1. Developed a digital marketing and sales enablement pilot program for the dealer network
  2. Improved inbound lead generation & marketing efficiency, measured by a pre- and post-improvement implementation scorecard
  3. Exposed wider range of customers to the entire product offering through outbound marketing efforts and increased organic search visibility online
  4. Built sustainable, longer-term customer acquisition strategies


9% organic traffic increase, 41% page load decrease, 5% onsite engagement increase, and 33% organic visibility increase.


Improved digital experience: 100% tracking and 67% increase engagement score of onsite pages.


43 purchased parts, 38 part registration, 150% conversion rate increase, and 83 total conversions.


Three grey and blue bar graphs that represent online performance score of Dealer A, B and C.


Participating dealers achieved an average 125% increase in online performance score.

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