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Customer Journey Map Contributes to High-Quality Lead Generation


Viewpointe’s unique private cloud managed services protect and govern sensitive information for large regulated organizations. As a result, Viewpointe’s sales cycle involves selling to multiple organizational role and strategic initiative planning. This creates marketing attribution and tracking challenges for their marketing and sales teams. Without visibility and connection to the multiple personas and the buyer stages they play in, marketing lacked the reach needed to generate high-quality leads.


  1. Sought to track marketing’s contribution to sales-ready leads and closed revenue across enterprise sales cycles
  2. Wanted external input and experienced resources to develop and help execute a comprehensive content marketing strategy aligned with the customer journey
  3. Experienced difficulties reaching and connecting to all buyer roles involved in an information governance investment


  1. Developed a B2B customer journey map based on target personas to drive better marketing and sales business decisions, including content marketing planning and development
  2. Authored and optimized content to align with persona and buyer stage
  3. Leveraged micro-touchpoints and macro-conversions to show marketing’s contribution to each stage of the customer journey


  • 52% Increase in on-page content engagement

  • 164% increase in organic blog traffic

  • 57% of all micro-conversion resulted from organic traffic

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