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ClientOkuma America

The Challenge

The CNC machine industry can be a cold and competitive place. It’s metal and specs, power and precision. How do you position your company in such a competitive marketplace? That was the challenge for Okuma America Corporation. For their potential customers, they wanted to stand out. For their existing customers, they wanted to make a statement. We proposed a bold approach.

Services Provided

Okuma print ad examples highlighting clients – where human potential meets machining potential.
Two iPad examples of Okuma's human stories landing pages.
A man smiling standing in front of a monitor operating an industrial manufacturing machine.

The Solution

Despite an industry of metal, the people as a whole are good, authentic people. From this truth, we created a campaign that would put the humanity of their brand face-forward. For the potential customers, they would see print and digital advertising, social media, email marketing and landing pages full of human stories. They would see people amidst the machines—real world stories from inside and outside of Okuma and the company’s personal approach to their business. For the existing customers, they would see the shared pride that comes from owning an Okuma as well as the company’s commitment to them.

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