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ClientOkuma America

How new strategies and tactics inspire and move you beyond Web 1.0

Challenge: A web experience doesn’t reflect how technology drives innovation.

If you’re going to show the benefits of robotics, you need to demonstrate movement, agility, and productivity in motion. A still image of a machine doesn’t illustrate how that innovation drives your business forward, and makes you money, even when the lights are out.

The complex and intricate machines like those manufactured by Okuma help create everything in our lives that isn’t organic. Throughout the manufacturing world and among its workforce, automation is an increasing means to combat labor shortages and produce cost-effective, error-free parts and products, even after the factory lights go down.

Approach: Bring your brand to life with movement using Web 2.0 and Parallax.

Stretching norms while maintaining brand standards and guidelines was the backbone of this success story. The introduction of movement and action into the new pages sparked a contrast from the brand’s traditional, 125-year heritage. But the twisting robotic arms also properly reflected a greater evolutional change taking place in the industry, striking stylized poses as users scroll.

We developed a digital experience emphasizing an elevated, functional, attention-grabbing approach that featured movement-infused videos, banner ads, and a dynamic web page experience that demonstrates the limitless power of automation.

Experience the Okuma's Live Parallax Web Page.

Results: A dynamic and engaging web experience that illustrates automation in motion.

Our web approach captures users' interest and attention with a fresh and informative experience that quickly elevates the brand to be one of the most engaging and visited pages.

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