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Your Trade Show is More Than Just an Event

ClientHoneywell Advanced Materials

How to extend an event’s impact before, during and after

Challenge: Your trade show efforts don’t generate expected return on investment.

An effective trade show should be more than just a singular event. Your efforts should begin months before you step foot in your booth and continue long after the show wraps – measurable results that can be detailed in new leads, defined value in relationships, and direct connections for targeted marketing follow-up.

When the Advanced Materials team at Honeywell finally mobilized for Chillventa, Europe’s leading international trade show for energy efficiency, refrigeration and heat pumps, there was a startling realization: they still needed planning, strategy and creative for campaigns, video and booth design.

Approach: We help you identify your target audiences and map their customer journey, including behaviors before, during, and after the show. Our team designs a strategy that engages each of these touch points and then we activate our plan and measure the results.

Your trade show experience needs to be much more than just a three-day event. We jump in with you to uncover the latest trends and use those to leverage a smoother lead-capture process. This approach helps our clients get more meetings from their trade show activities and convert prospects into sales. You might call it an MQL; we call it a relationship.

With Honeywell, the Crafted team dove into market research and developed a successful strategy before, during, and after the show – extending their presence and effectiveness beyond the show floor. The prep work starts months in advance. Aligning strategy and tactics. Designing a booth and communications that drive interest. Developing video, blog posts, unique landing pages, email invitations, and speaking engagements. We sweat the details so you don’t have to.

Results: An engaging and dynamic booth that drew attendees and fed sales opportunities.

Attendees were treated to a hands-on experience that enabled them to explore how these innovative products and solutions could impact and drive their own business goals. A pre-show demand generation campaign highlighted the brands’ differentiating benefits while new, post-show touch points, thought leadership content and paid media campaigns helped build relationships throughout the extended journey.

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