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ClientTeknor Apex


Teknor Apex makes custom chemical compounds that contribute to hundreds of everyday retail products — from kayaks and ear buds to boots and garden hoses. This nearly 100-year-old company has clients around the world as well as multiple domestic and international offices of their own.

Like many global manufacturers, Teknor Apex has multiple domestic and international manufacturing plants supporting customers around the world. They were challenged to create and maintain a unified brand presence in all of their locations. Specifically they needed consistency between trade shows whether in Florida or Munich. As Teknor Apex’s marketing and branding partner, Crafted was tasked with creating a unified trade show presence for Teknor that would engage prospective customers, generate leads and create opportunities for sales.

Services Provided

Teknor Apex 2-story Fakuma trade show booth rendering.

A Solid Brand Foundation for Success

A trade show solution was just one part of a larger branding initiative that Crafted was providing for Teknor Apex. Throughout the process of helping them define a new and authentic brand foundation, we had already gone through rounds of discovery with key members of the executive and sales teams, as well as with employees from various departments. We knew the re-imagined Teknor brand really well, primarily because we helped develop it. This gave us powerful insight into Teknor Apex’s business objectives, and what needed to be done in a trade show setting to help achieve them.

Creating a Brand-Forward Experience

Whenever we create a trade show booth and materials for one of our clients, we start by determining what we want attendees to experience. That goes beyond just the facts, figures and pricing we want them to know and incorporates how we want them to feel after visiting our booth. Creating this emotional connection is a powerful thing, whether it occurs online, through a brochure or at a trade show.

The fact is, trade shows provide a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression since they enable a higher level of face-to-face interactivity between people and products.

In our engagement with Teknor Apex, we worked with a fabrication partner to create a booth for the 2018 NPE show, providing strategy and design. This is well within our area of expertise since we have a wealth of experience in environmental design. This expertise allows us to work seamlessly with our clients’ builders and vendors to translate their brand messaging into a dimensional space.

Birds-eye-view 2 of a design mockup of the Teknor Apex two-story trade show booth.
World map of white continents, blue water and pins of Teknor Apex plants and sales offices.
Teknor Apex tradeshow back booth design rendering using the logo, and red and white brand colors.

The final product for Teknor Apex was a 2-story booth with 5 distinct spaces, each one purposefully designed to achieve certain client directives:

  • Welcome Area – To provide an introduction to Teknor Apex and the look and feel of their brand

  • Cocktail Lounge – An informal place to meet, have a conversation, and get more comfortable with the global Teknor Apex brand story

  • Industry Versatility – A place for product demonstrations and to highlight the role Teknor Apex plays in perfecting the performance of products

  • World Map – Highlights the size of Teknor Apex’s global footprint, and lends credibility and authority to the brand

  • Conference Rooms – A location for larger engagements and negotiations

Teknor Apex’s 2018 NPE booth was strategically designed to facilitate the kinds of conversations that Teknor wants to have at their shows — from casual meet-and-greets to product demonstrations to actual conference-room negotiations.

This thoughtful, strategic booth planning gave Teknor Apex a distinct advantage over the competition.

Black Teknor Apex PVC compounds in a large pile.

Not A Booth, A System

Crafted created a 50×50, 2-story booth for Teknor Apex to use at the 2018 NPE show. The booth utilized powerful photography, large white spaces, modern furniture, and a thoughtful balance between copy and imagery, all in keeping with Teknor Apex’s brand foundation. Although this was just one booth for one show, it represented a brand-new Trade Show System that Teknor Apex could employ at all of their trade shows moving forward. The elements of the 50×50 could be scaled down for use on a 10×20 or 20×20 booth when needed. Specific messaging and imagery could be utilized for targeted markets, products or industries. Most importantly, all the different “pieces” would look and feel the same, giving the company scalability, while sparing them the expense of re-creating materials for different shows.

Three wall designs for the Teknor Apex trade show booth.
Screenshot of Teknor Apex's online tradeshow system, Your Global Partner for Custom PVC Compounds.

A Bright Trade Show Future

Thanks to their new trade show system, Teknor Apex has a manageable, cost-effective and branded solution for all of their future trade show needs. No matter the show or its location, show attendees will get a real feel for what Teknor Apex does, who they are, and what they stand for. There’s not much more you can ask for from a trade show experience.

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