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Announcing the Crafted and Overground Merger

Introducing the New Crafted

Introducing the new Crafted

Headquarted in the Dilworth community of Charlotte, the new Crafted caters to local, national and international clients in the manufacturing industry. Managing partners, Eric Dudley and Rob Hawse will lead the agency with their 47 years of combined marketing experience.

Crafted brings together the combined expertise that has yielded high performance for its B2B manufacturing clients over the years, but with capabilities that now span from brand development and customer experience to demand generation and sales enablement.

By integrating brand and customer experience as a strategic marketing foundation, Crafted forms the roadmap that propels and transforms its clients so that they can realize their own potential and their ever-growing marketing contribution to revenue.

The multipliers that result from our newly integrated approach and blueprint aligns marketing and sales, closes the loop from awareness to loyalty, and literally transforms our clients' business.

We picture a world where innovation never goes unnoticed. That’s why we look forward to working tenaciously to match your brand experience to your engineering and manufacturing; to amplify the unique, the authentic, and the well-made to drive results and reach new heights.

Greatness can be found anywhere. But in order to fully realize it, it must be unleashed.

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